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december 2023

Now Leda20 can offer Developmental Leadership (UL) in English!

In 2024 Leda20, together with Katarina Matson from Let’s Tango now offers Developmental Leadership (UL) in English!

Developmental Leadership (UL) differs among other things from conventional leadership in how to motivate your employees. A developmental leadership is characterized by the leader being a role model and raises questions of moral and ethics. The leader inspires and motivates to create collaboration and shows personal concern, which is both about providing support and confronting with a good intention. 

The concept of Developmental Leadership includes:
• A 360 assessment form (ULL) for personal feedback
• A theoretical model
• A method for personal leadership development

The model provides a direction for desired development and is based on the frequency of behaviours over time. A higher frequency of developmental behaviours lead to a favourable organizational outcome as well more favourable individual development for everyone in the group.

Dates: 10-12th of April + 12th of June
Place: Gothenburg
Price: 22 500 (excluding VAT)

For more information and registration, please visit our UL page or email