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Join our Developmental Leadership (UL) program to ignite motivation, creativity and personal engagement in your team!

Developmental Leadership (UL) differs among other things from conventional leadership in how to motivate your employees. A developing leader encourages participation and creativity as well as confronts with personal concern. A developing leader communicates and complies with good values, is a role model and takes responsibility.

  • A 360 assessment form (ULL) for personal feedback
  • A theoretical model
  • A method for personal leadership development

This leadership model builds the intrinsic motivation of the individual and gives the organization a favorable development. During the first three days of Developmental Leadership, you will have an opportunity to gain insight into and understand these patterns and mechanisms. After just over a month, there will be a follow-up for further reflections and exchange of experiences.

“I had the opportunity to conduct a UL that was characterized by warmth, clarity and inspiration.”

Course participants on UL course

UL – Developing Leadership – a practical management training course

One of the ways in which developmental leadership differs from conventional leadership is in how it motivates its employees. Developmental leadership is characterized by the leader acting as a role model and raising issues of morality and ethics, the leader inspiring and motivating to create participation, and showing personal care that is both supportive and confrontational with good intentions. Research shows that developmental leadership has a very beneficial effect on organizational leadership and employee development. Developmental Leadership is one of the most popular leadership trainings in companies and organizations due to its scientific basis. The model summarizes the scientific research findings of the last decades in the field. Developing Leadership is the Swedish Armed Forces’ leadership model since 2003. Developing Leadership is applied since 2004 in the state and municipal sector as well as in the private sector.

A leadership model that builds the intrinsic motivation of the individual and gives the organization a favorable development.

According to the Developmental Leadership model, leadership behaviors are shaped by an interaction between the leader and the context in which they operate. The model describes three types of leader behaviors: developmental, conventional and destructive behaviors.

Scope and price

Scope: 3 + 1 days.
Price: 22 500 sek (exkluding VAT).

UL-courses 2024

10-12 sep & 14 nov

Gothenburg Central Station

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    “Det är först och främst när du blir medveten som du kan bidra till förändring. UL stödjer dig i den processen.”

    Charlotte Axelsson, UGL och UL- handledare
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